On November 8, a scientific workshop «Climatogenic transformation of the alpine landscapes in Siberian Altai» was held at Tomsk State University (TSU). It was initiated by Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems of the Siberian Branch of the RAS (IMCES SB RAS), which is part of the SecNet. Pavel S. Borodavko, Associate Professor at Faculty of Geology and Geography of TSU, Head of the Laboratory for Self-Organization of Geosystems (IMCES) was the representative of IMCES. Undergraduates of Faculty of Geology and Geography and researchers at IMCES were the participants of workshop.

First of all, the organizers presented their research project conducted in Mongolia for sampling and monitoring. Within the framework of this project, researchers carried out a series of expeditions.

Then the participants of workshop discussed this project. The methods used by researchers were interesting for the scientists of TSU’s BIOCLIMLAND Center of Excellence. TSU’s researchers use the similar methods in their projects. Thus, TSU and IMCES once again highlighted common scientific interests in field of research and educational activities. Colleagues from IMСES ready to work with undergraduates of the autonomous master’s program (AMP) of TSU “Siberian and Arctic Studies”. It is a good opportunity for students to gain expert knowledge.

At the results of the workshop, participants reached the agreements:

1. Organization of a research project involving foreign partners and applying for funding through the APN (Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research).

2. Organization of a regular joint scientific workshop of TSU and IMCES.

3. Involving employees of IMCES to participate in the AMP «Siberian and Arctic Studies» of Trans-Siberian Scientific Way Research Center.